Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Research & Data Analysis Division

DSHS Enterprise GIS provides geospatial data, technology, and services for the agency, and is the agency’s main GIS point of contact.

Standard geospatial data and services will increase on this website as DSHS continues its migration to a new geospatial data warehouse. Certain geospatial data and services will also become accessible via ArcGIS Online and the WA State Geospatial Portal.  Meanwhile, if you need any DSHS geospatial data that is not listed here, please contact us directly.

Geospatial Data

  • DSHS Offices
  • Residential Care Facilities
    • Assisted Living Providers
    • Adult Family Homes
    • Nursing Homes
  • DSHS Administrative Regions
  • Others

If you have any questions, please email the Enterprise GIS Section or call us at (360) 902-0799.

Need GIS Assistance?


GIS is an acronym for geospatial or geographic information system. It is an integrated collection of geospatial data, technology, and people used to analyze and portray geospatial information and relationships.

Geospatial refers to anything that has a geographic location on the earth. If the question contains a “where,” geospatial tools will probably be the best way to answer it.